Cyberbia to build ad:tech Australia event app again in 2015

Cyberbia is thrilled to once again be developing the official event app for ad:tech Australia.

Last year the team from Cyberbia sat down with the event organiser, DMG Events, and decided to partner on what was to become the first iBeacon event app in Australia. Working closely with manufacturer BlueCats, Cyberbia was able to deploy the app in record time.

The app was a big hit at the event, with 450 downloads from the app store, 4,519 beacon interactions and 65 delegates making 184 connections (out of a host of other stats).

“I think it’s great,” Chris Edwards, ad:tech Content and Programme Director, said. “What we do at a lot of these events is talk at people in a lecture-based way, but to actually showcase technology people have in their hands is really meaningful.”

Nathan Dunn, CEO of BlueCats was also pleased with the result. “It’s good to see a third party app integrate our SDK and leverage our hardware to pull off a seamless result. We have had a great response at ad:tech and we can’t wait for the next 12 months.”

The app will undergo several changes for the 2015 event, taking place in Sydney 10-11 March. The biggest change will be the Business Connect module. Cyberbia Head of Creative Solutions, Chad Lakin, explains: “One of the features DMG asked us to include this year was the ability for delegates to connect with vendors, exhibitors and each other and to be able to book meetings during the conference. At Cyberbia we brainstormed this internally, and the result is what we’re calling the Business Connect feature. We’re also really excited to be building the app for Android this year for the first time.”

The ad:tech connect app will again leverage beacon technology to create a more personalised experience for the delegates and provide more insight into the event for DMG. “We’re really pleased with the feedback that we’ve received about our beacon programming capabilities”, said Lakin. “It’s not just that it’s new, it’s that people can see real-world applications for the technology.”

One of the key value-adds of the technology is the ability of beacon technology to drive lead generation using RegoReady, a realtime data capture tool developed by Cyberbia. Cyberbia Managing Director Colin Laidlaw explains, “Thanks to RegoReady, visitors to ad:tech Australia in 2014 were able to see real-time stats of the app on the big screen at our booth. Someone connected, and the graphs instantly adjusted. This is the kind of feedback marketing managers really get excited about.”