Building unique, compelling engagement experiences for digital since 2000.

The three pillars of Cyberbia are timeliness, accuracy, and innovation. Our roots are in the printing, design and advertising industries. Combined with passions around industrial design, coding and app development, we have built a niche around the scoping, coding and support of highly-customised UI/UX solutions for digital and mobile.

Most of our clients are in the ICT and services spaces, so we understand the value you place on building and maintaining brand integrity through consistent customer service experiences on all touch points. Our solutions are device agnostic wherever possible, and we pride ourselves on pinch-hitting at the eleventh hour.

Expo has emerged as an area of significant business interest for us. Increasingly we find clients are looking for painless ways to deliver end-to-end registration, check-in and engagement solutions for large customer and internal events. Our proprietary event registration technologies combined with the ability to skin the interface puts us in a very special position here.

With offices in Sydney and West Virginia, we work around the clock…literally.

  • Colin Laidlaw

    Managing director

    Colin completed a lithographic printing apprenticeship in 1982 and spent six years driving Heidelbergs and Rolands before moving into advertising. He founded Cyberbia in 2000.

  • Tony Firth

    Senior Digital
    Production Manager

    An industrial design graduate and administrator extraordinaire, Tony is our resident IA and systems thinker. In his spare time he races remote-controlled nitro cars.

  • Graham Rees

    Digital Production

    Graham holds a Masters degree in Design Futures and has experience in everything from copywriting to video direction. He also has mean piano skills.

  • Greg Howle

    lead developer

    A coding and liberal arts graduate, Greg runs our West Virginia office. He is passionate about robust, logical solutions for eCommerce, mobile registration, and everything in between.

  • Ko-Hsin Liang

    senior Developer

    A lecturer and published author on C#, Ko-Hsin’s coding expertise is formidable. Fast, responsive and extremely agile, he also makes a killer coffee.

  • Paul Nielsen

    Web Developer

    Imagine someone who codes all day on everything from .ASP to HTML emails. Then gets up and does it all again. This is why we love Paul.

  • Luke Jarrett

    Design and Studio Lead

    Like what you see? Thank Luke. Our in-house graphic designer, Luke is also a superb photographer and a keen devotee of typographical trends.

  • Kenneth Yu

    Web Developer

    Kenneth is the quiet creative type…happiest when imposing order on the world, one line of code at a time. An Information Management major, he says jump, our apps say how high.

  • Angus Hocking

    Production Assistant

    Angus hails from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. He’s in Sydney to learn about production management and coffee runs. Clients love him.